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Our Pedagogy

Candidates appearing at this examination would be facing an examination which in many aspects differs from the university-type exam.


Work for most university examinations can be done at a leisured pace. On the contrary, a candidate for the Civil Services Examination does not have much time at his disposal. It will be extremely unrealistic to think that one can prepare for this examination within a short time. Apart from vigorous preparation for at least one year, if candidates keep this examination in view for one more preceding year, they would be on the right path.

Since very few candidates would have been preparing like that, the Study Circle emphasizes on the nature of the preparation to be made, the pattern of setting the questions and how to tackle them, evoking their interest in the various areas of knowledge, and acquiring a picture-like view of the various themes to be studied. All these dimensions of guidance would be projected as the teachers talk to the students in the sittings as per the schedule of work given to them at the time of enrolment.

Apart from the talks of the teacher, there will be a series of tests after the first fortnight and it is compulsory for the members to attempt them. A review of these tests will be done by the concerned teachers in the sittings that are scheduled after the first fortnight. Once, the mistakes committed by members are pointed out, it is expected of them not to commit the same mistakes while attempting the second set of tests.

What the Study Circle has in its repertory is not a bag of tricks or ways of outwitting examiners. Instead, what it aims at is to help its members to concentrate on essentials in the study of each theme or topic. There will be no foolhardy effort to acquire an encyclopedic range of knowledge in a short-while. The approach would, therefore, be to develop a higher degree of intellectual clarity and critical ability to learn new concepts and ideas better and faster.