All India Free Prelims Mock Test 2021

All India Free GS Prelims Mock Test 2021

Hello Everyone,

You are all aware that UPSC has released the notification for the CSE-2021.

Prelims is going to be conducted on 27th June 2021.

That leaves you with less than 4 months to:

  • Revise the prelims syllabus – maybe two-three times, and
  • fine tune your test taking skills by attempting as many mocks as possible

It is also high time that you start competing and benchmarking your performance vis. a vis. the real competition; at the ALL India Level.

For this very purpose, Rau’s IAS Study Circle conducts PRE-PAREEKSHAN tests, Mock Tests of GS Paper I, at ALL India level.

WHY All India Free Mock Test – PRE- PAREEKSHAN ?

Rau’s IAS, to help serious IAS aspirants crack the CSE, offers these curated courses like:

  • for Current Affairs: DNS videos daily, IE videos weekly & the Focus magazine monthly.
  • for Prelims: we conduct PTS and offer QIP classes along with its study material Prelims Compass, &
  • for Mains, we conduct MTS and offer QIP classes along with its study material Mains Compass

All these courses/initiatives have immensely helped civil services aspirants at all the stages (Pre, Mains) of the Exam. If you go through the analysis of last 2-3 years, you will find that more than 50% questions could be answered easily if you had followed these resources.

So, based on our understanding of the demand of the CSE, we have created this All-India Free Mock Test in form of Pre-Pareekshan test, which has been designed to give you the real feel of the UPSC Prelims exam and is based on the way in which UPSC has been asking questions in the actual prelims exam.

Our Pre-Pareekshan tests will give all serious IAS aspirants nationwide, a common platform to compete with each other and learn about their strengths and weaknesses.

It needs to be highlighted here that in the last Pre –Pareekshan that we conducted before the prelims of 2020, more than 10000 serious aspirants appeared which had set the stage for very high level of competition by replicating the real UPSC experience and learning.

SCHOLARSHIP for Civil Services exam!

To further facilitate your preparation, we would also like to announce that

  1. Top 50 rankers in Mock 1 will get 100% scholarship for Prelims Test Series and QIP 2021
  2. Next top 100 rankers will get 50% scholarship for the Prelims tests series and QIP 2021
  3. This does not stop here, all those who will clear the Prelims 2021 from this lot will get Scholarship for Mains Test Series and QIP Program 2021

For those who do not know what QIP is:

QIP Prelims are approx. 60 hours of targeted revision classes that cover both static portion and current affairs important for upcoming Prelims. The format of QIP classes is revision followed by practice. We help you revise a topic or a theme and then solve multiple MCQs based on them.

QIP classes are extremely useful to do focused revision of important themes thereby increasing your chances of selection. We have shared a link in the description to one of our QIP videos for your reference.

How will All India Free GS Prelims Mock Test help?


  • All India Ranks
  • Real simulation of the actual UPSC difficulty level
  • Question wise performance analysis– – tough questions which were skipped by majority test takers; tricky questions which majority got wrong.
  • Overall Comparative Test analytics – with the Top and average performance on the test regarding score, attempts, accuracy, and time taken.
  • Detailed solutions of all the questions
  • Test Discussion live-online class/video to amplify your preparation for Prelims 2021.
    • It’ll cover the most important themes and interesting questions from the test
    • Explain the way in which UPSC frames question, on the basis of Previous Years’ Question Analysis
    • How to orient your preparation/revision in the right direction?

The biggest take away from Pre-Pareekshan tests

  • It gives you a chance the do course correction and make the best use of the revision time.
  • Fine tune your personal test taking strategy – how many questions to attempt at your speed and accuracy rate!

How to attempt All India Free GS Prelims Mock test – Pre Pareekshan 2021? 

  • Mock 1 – GS 1 – will be available for attempt from 19th March – 21st March.
  • Result will be announced on 22nd March.
  • The test will be conducted ONLINE at
  • All those who are already members of elearn need not register again. You can straight away attempt the test when it is visible to you in your account.
  • But, if you are not a member, REGISTER YOURSELF NOW.
  • Registration is simple and free.
  • Register yourself and get ready to test yourself on UPSC parameters.

All the best and see you in test analysis live-online class!



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    1. Dear Mukund,
      March edition of our Current Affairs magazine, FOCUS, will be available by 22 Mar.
      Prelims Compass books will start getting on the shelves from first week of Apr.

      Good luck.

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