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Civil Services Exam (CSE) conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is the toughest exam in India. There are approximately one million aspirants who compete for less than thousand vacancies. So the result of this exam is mere 0.1%. CSE is classified as Mother of all Exams because if an aspirant has prepared for CSE, then he or she can easily face the challenge of taking any other government service exam and also State Civil Services Exams commonly called as State PCS (Provincial Civil services). State PCS exams are conducted by respective State Public Service Commissions (PSC).

While every year more and more aspirants are getting added, the vacancies are getting reduced, thereby making the competition even more challenging. Thus, for any aspirant it is important that the first attempt should be dealt with as a do-or-die situation.

In this background it is imperative that preparation for CSE should be absolutely thorough. And for this, first and most vital step is to choose a good IAS coaching institute which can impart knowledge. Rau’s IAS Study Circle is the most trusted name in IAS coaching and is known for its quality guidance and pedagogy. Rau’s IAS Study Circle is country’s oldest IAS institute. It was established in 1953 and has come a long way in last seven decades. To know more about the attributes of a good coaching institutes, you may read the article from the link here ­­­

During Pre-Covid time, the coaching for CSE was being done in physical classrooms (offline mode) everywhere. Delhi has been a hub for CSE coaching. Delhi drew civil services aspirants from all over the country. While preparing for CSE in coaching institutes located at Delhi, students had to bear the vagaries of administrative hurdles like finding a hostel/ PG/ rented accommodation, managing food, daily commuting for classes etc. etc. Adding to this, if someone fell sick, the distress one had to go through being away from the loved ones would add to the adversities further. But then at that time offline classes were the established norm and no necessity was ever felt to look for an alternate.

Covid Pandemic in a way opened the door to look for an alternate to offline teaching. In a way this Pandemic has turned out to be a blessing in disguise for all those students who had a constraint of coming to big cities for education. And that blessing is, having another option of studying for IAS online. The change from offline to online learning and teaching has been gradual and has now been accepted equally by the student fraternity and the teaching fraternity. After all, cohesive change of the mind-set was required for both!

The online IAS coaching has done away with the requirement of physical presence of a student for learning. One does not have to come to Delhi log-stock-barrel for preparing for IAS exam. Rather, Delhi has reached at the doorstep of aspirants with the clicks of mouse. Aspirants can attend live online lectures, participate in group discussions and take tests. All this while being in the comforts of their homes. And all this learning is in real-time where student is interacting with the teacher and fellow students like it used to happen in classroom teaching.

Consequent to the restrictions imposed by the government on conduct of class room teaching, we at Rau’s proactively adapted to online teaching methodology. Rau’s IAS Study Circle is the first IAS coaching academy which has pioneered in teaching through interactive-online classes. For us, just organizing information for delivery isn’t teaching but for Rau’s teaching is all that can be done to ensure that the students learn the concepts and acquire skills to use those under practical settings (UPSC Prelims exam and UPSC Mains exam).

Rau’s two pillar foundation courses for CSE are GSI Integrated Course and Optional Course. Both these courses are now available online.


Rau’s IAS Study Circle has designed a General Studies Integrated Online IAS Course which is a combination of in-class instruction and online technology. An interactive-online learning experience that 100% replicates the on-campus/offline classes, delivered by unequivocally the most experienced and trusted name in Civil Services Coaching.

  • General Studies Integrated Online IAS course is the best and most suited for effective online learning as this offers a balanced mix of everything.
  • There will be Live-Online Classes for real time interactive teaching and doubt solving.
  • And the same classes will be available later as recorded videos for students to be able to go over everything again at their own pace. Also, if for any reason students miss attending a live class, there is always backup available in form of recorded videos.
  • One can study and interact with the instructor and fellow classmates at own pace through Rau’s IAS Online Learning Platform called – Rau’s IAS virtual Campus

To replicate the offline experience, Rau’s IAS E-learn platform offers everything that has been part of the physical classroom experience. Rau’s IAS online learning platform ( enables:-

  • Teachers to assign homework (objective and written) to help students revise daily.
  • Assessment: Regular class tests are conducted to check if students are succeeding at the goals for which they started learning.
  • Doubt Solving: We understand that in every classroom there are students who don’t ask doubts fearing that they may be the only one struggling. The platform takes care of those students as well by giving them access to ask their teachers questions even after class. The platform has been, in fact, tailor made with special focus on doubts solving and discussions. It focuses on increasing interactions between teachers and students. Students can also engage in group discussions and improve through Peer learning.
  • Video back-up of Live-online classes is provided: All live lectures are subsequently made available as recorded videos so students could watch them again to revise concepts.
  • Access is given to more teaching and testing resources like the current affairs videos, test discussion videos, class notes, study material, current affairs magazines, UPSC Prelims Test Series and UPSC Mains Test Series, etc.
  • UPSC Prelims Tests Series: Students can take UPSC Prelims Test Series online as well as offline and detailed result analytics will be provided instantly to help students track progress and compare their performance. The results will provide information like All India Ranking (AIR), Percentile, Question Level Analysis, etc. These tests will be available at all times and can be undertaken by a student any time of own choosing.
  • UPSC Mains Tests Series: Students can download QCA booklets, write their answers and upload their copies. Evaluated answer copies with thorough feedback will become available in their account within a time-bound manner.
  • IAS Forum for collaborative learning: Interact with Rau’s experts and fellow UPSC aspirants to discuss your ideas and get your doubts cleared.

With the conduct of interactive-online classes and delivery of coursework through Rau’s IAS E-learn platform, our students feel absolutely no difference between online and offline learning experience.

To view a demo video of an actual online class click this link

In case you wish to know more about General Studies Integrated Online course, click the link



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