Free IAS Prelims notes for UPSC aspirants

UPSC Prelims is considered to be the most competitive stage of the UPSC Civil Services Exam as the success rate at this stage hovers at around 2-2.5 percent only. In such a competitive exam, what can you do differently to gain an edge over the competition and ensure that your name figures in the list of people who are going to write the upsc mains exam?

Majority of the serious IAS aspirants follow the same set of reference books; they read the same newspapers and follow a good monthly current affairs magazine. However, many aspirants still fail to crack the UPSC Prelims exam? Why?

The reason is inadequate and improper revision of the vast civil services Prelims syllabus all aspirants cover over the course of their preparation. Aspirants amass a vast universe of information and knowledge from static syllabus and related current affairs, but to revise all of that systematically becomes a huge complicated task before the Prelims exam.

There are quite a few aspirants who are methodical in notes making and do not face any trouble; but majority of new aspirants struggle with effectively revising for Prelims.

To help IAS aspirants effectively revise for Prelims, Raus IAS Study Circle releases updated IAS study material for UPSC Prelims, a compilation of all important current affairs and static themes, every year before the Prelims exam, called, IAS Prelims Compass.

Good News is that Rau’s IAS has released a set of 8 Prelims Compass 2021 compilations freely on its learning platform – This is to help all IAS aspirants get access to these books easily as various cities/states are under strict lockdown and therefore availability of hard copies of this material on amazon and book stores has become difficult.

Aspirants can download soft copies of Prelims Compass 2021 books/compilations by simply signing-up/signing-in on

How to use Raus IAS Prelims Compass 2021?

For aspirants who’ll be studying from Prelims Compass for the first time, let’s briefly explain what IAS Prelims compass compilations are and how you can best use them:

IAS Prelims Compass 2021 will help you revise methodically

Revision is the biggest challenge for IAS aspirants. To crack IAS Prelims, aspirants need to organize and revise the most important current affairs and static themes from the perspective of exam. IAS Prelims compass:

  • exhaustively covers current affairs for 18 months (previous to the prelims exam) and related static concepts
  • It also covers all important static themes and concepts based on previous years’ prelims papers analysis,
  • It lends in-depth information and thorough understanding of each topic in most succinct format
  • Presents all information in bullet points, small paragraphs, tables, infographics, trend charts etc, to cut the clutter and narrow the readers’ focus on information that can help in answering maximum questions in the exam; and
  • Organizes all of them in subject wise books/compilations.

This ensures that you revise systematically thereby improving your overall score in the exam.

Who will PRELIMS COMPASS 2021 help the most?

  • First, it will help those aspirants the best who have been consistent in their study throughout the year. Those who have covered current affairs regularly from newspaper and a monthly magazine will get benefitted by revising most important theme again before exam. Prelims Compass cannot replace consistent study of current affairs through newspaper and exam-oriented notes.
  • Second, Prelims Compass are the study notes of Rau’s IAS Prelims Quality Improvement Program (QIP). Those who couple Prelims Compass with QIP will have a better understanding of the requirement of the exam and how to best use the prelims compass booklets for revision and knowledge organization.

In the end, we would like to recommend all IAS aspirants to know that UPSC will conduct its examination and you should not stop preparing for that. We, at Rau’s IAS, are committed to give you the best guidance and Prelims Compass booklets (compilations) are representative of our core philosophy of delivering quality teaching and guidance.

All the best!!!

Rau’s IAS Team


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