We inculcate a love of learning in our students

V P Gupta, CMD of Rau’s IAS Study Circle, explains why his institutes are the premier destination for cracking the civil service exam.
etpanache@timesgroup.com (as featured in Economic Times Panache on Thursday, 5th May 2016)


The IAS examination, also known as the Civil Service Examination, is one of the most prestigious examinations in India. Rau’s IAS Study Circle, established in 1953, is a pioneering institute in the field. In a telephonic conversation, V P Gupta, CMD of Rau’s IAS Study circle, discusses the institutes and their excellent track record over the years:

ETP: What is Rau’s IAS study circle?
VPG: We specialise in preparing students appearing for the civil service examination. We are a one-stop institute for civil service examinations.

ETP: What separates it from the other institutes?
VPG: The unique factor about us is our ‘student to teacher’ ratio. We have smaller batches to facilitate better a student-teacher relationship. We have around 70-80 students in each class.

ETP: How do you make sure that your students receive nothing but the best?
VPG: We aim to inculcate in our students the love of learning. The one thing that most students go through is performance anxiety. They must understand that preparation is the key to excel in anything. It is important for them to believe in themselves. A method we use is association of the study matter with physical reality, be it history, geography or sociology. When we visualise what we study and connect it to a thought process, it increases retention power. The other important part is creating a mood for learning. Learning should be fun and not dull and boring.

ETP: What about students who are unable to attend classes?
VPG: For those who aren’t able to attend classes, there is well structured study material, which most of the students appearing for the IAS examination use. Besides full-time classes we also have separate lectures for those that need help in particular subjects.

ETP: How have your students fared in the last IAS examination?
VPG: Three hundred people out of 1,100 odd students that qualified in the examination were from our reputed institute.

ETP: Will the institute expand to other parts of the country?
VPG: We are scaling but at a slow rate. At present we have three institutes in Delhi, Bengaluru and Jaipur. There are plans to move to other metropolitan cities, maybe in a year’s time.


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