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Indian Civil Services: A Perspective

India’s Civil Services have been referred to variously, depending on who the referrer is. If he is an academic, he would be faithfully restricting himself to the textual term, civil services. He would certainly keep in his mind the historical and Constitutional evolution of different aspects of this institution; he would proudly remember that this …

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Interview Guidance Programme in progress

Tips: 1. Remember that the Civil Services Interview is FORM (BIODATA) DRIVEN and not content driven. Observe how questions emanating from aspirant’s personal background and hobbies form the basis of questions asked in the mock interview. 2. Current Affairs forms a crucial area for asking questions. Basic understanding of International and national affairs, Polity, Economy, …

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We inculcate a love of learning in our students

V P Gupta, CMD of Rau’s IAS Study Circle, explains why his institutes are the premier destination for cracking the civil service exam. (as featured in Economic Times Panache on Thursday, 5th May 2016)   The IAS examination, also known as the Civil Service Examination, is one of the most prestigious examinations in India. …

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