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UPSC Current Affairs: Russia approves one-dose ‘Sputnik Light’

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Earlier in the month of August 2020, Russia had developed Sputnik V Vaccines for Covid. The vaccine was named after the first Soviet space satellite. This vaccine is two shot vaccines and is presently administered to the people in Russia.

Recently, Russia has developed a variant of Sputnik V vaccine, which is known as Sputnik Light. Unlike the earlier sputnik V vaccine, which was 2 shot vaccine, the Sputnik Light is a single shot Vaccine.

Being a single shot vaccine, it has number of advantages over the earlier Sputnik V vaccines. These Include:

  1. Cheaper- less than $ 10.
  2. Double vaccination rates and reduce the pandemic
  3. Higher Efficacy (80%) in comparison to other 2 -shot vaccines
  4. Proven to be effective against all the new strains of Virus

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