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crack IAS in 1 year.

Learn how to use insights from IAS Toppers to crack IAS in one year

The Quality Improvement Programme (QIP) with Test Series (TS) for the Main Exam 2018
have been designed for improving candidates’ learning outcomes.

The goal is to help candidates

Revise and update all the themes, issues and topics important for the upcoming

Improve Answer Writing – understanding demand of the questions, importance of answer structure, effective presentation skills using keywords, etc

Do writing practice across all these issues and topics

Essentially, work with students to help them crack Mains 2018

The Approach

The programme will start with QIP classes (discussion based lectures) which will be handled by different subject experts. Focus will be to:

  •  Discuss all the themes, issues and topics expected in the upcoming
  • Work on a variety of questions that could be asked from those
  •  Work with all students in a personalized way to help them improve their answers.

Thematic Tests would be conducted at the end of these classes which will
also be followed up with test discussions.

FLTs will be conducted after completing all the QIP classes for the most
effective simulation.


The current context of the issue asked in UPSC Exam. The themes selected for the discussion in the QIP classes and questions framed thereon will be related to Current Affairs so that the probability of similar questions being asked in the exam will be very high.

The difficulty level of the topics discussed in class and questions asked in tests will be exactly that of UPSC. It will not be below that. It will not be way above that either, just to impress the candidates.

The logical standard of the themes and questions will be high, which is the actual pattern of the UPSC.

Exam like simulation

SIT-DOWN TESTS (ONLINE OPTION ALSO AVAILABLE): All the tests will be conducted in Sit-Down format exactly in exam like situation under strict discipline. Tests will be conducted at fixed timings only (as in the test schedule).

ONLINE OPTION AVAILABLE in case of Tests Series only

  1. The Study Circle will email test booklets
  2. Students can take print of the booklets, write their answers in the available space and email the scanned copies of the booklets back to the Study Circle
  3. The Study circle will evaluate the copies and email them back to students with their model answers


No. of tests

Total – 14 Tests in GS & Essay

  • Thematic Tests – 9
  • Full Length Tests– 5


Approx. 100 hours of QIP

  • Programme will be completed between July and September 2018
  • Detailed schedule will be shared with students after their successful registration/admission.

Test Format

All the tests will be conducted in Sit-Down format exactly in exam like situation under strict discipline.

Test Centers

Tests will be conducted at Study Circle’s campuses at Delhi, Jaipur and Bangalore.

Test discussion

Model answers will be discussed in class after completion of tests.

Test Duration

All the tests, thematic as well as FLTs, will be of 3 hours’ duration and consist of as many questions as required to give to students exam like simulation and hence prepare them for writing as many words as required by UPSC over a 3 hour period and instil patience for sitting with concentration for that long)


Available in both English and Hindi mediums


Batch starts from 25th June 2018.

For, Rau’s GSI 2017 students only

The program is complimentary for you

Therefore, there is no Programme Fee, but Registration is mandatory.

Registration are open. Batch commencement 25th June 2018

To register email us with the following details at

In Subject line mention: Registration for Main Test Series 2018

In Email mention the following:

  • 1. First Name
  • 2. Last Name
  • 3. UPSC Roll No.
  • 4. Student ID/Scancode/Batch
  • 5. DOB: DD/MM/YYYY
  • 6. Medium in which you propose to take QIP and Tests
  • 7. Centre at which you propose to take QIP and Tests (Delhi/Jaipur/Bangalore)
  • 8. Mobile no.

For, Everyone

You can download the “REGISTRATION FORM” from the bottom of the page.

Detailed instructions to take admission are given in the ‘REGISTRATION FORM’

Fill-up the ‘REGISTRATION FORM’ and contact us by email or post or personally at any of our centres with 1 passport size photograph.


Fee Structure

For new students – INR 16,500

For Rau’s ex-student – INR 10,500

For Online Test Series only INR 8,500

Fee can be paid online using Debit/Credit card