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Subhrajit Choudhury

Dear Sir,

This mail is about the monthly current affairs magazine of Rau’s IAS Study Circle FOCUS.

FOCUS is, in my humble opinion, one of the top two current affairs magazine issued by the study circles in the course of preparing for UPSC CSE examination. The detailed analysis of the current events around the country and the world and its consequences over the policy formulations of the country are top notch. Lucid and crisp language and added infographics and mind-maps to remember the course of events and minute details are very helpful in retaining and revising the issue concerned.

The differentiated portions catering to each and every angle of CSE syllabus, including GS Paper IV viz. Ethics and aptitude are commendable and the questions both MCQ and subjective at the back of the magazine are very helpful in practicing such.

But I do have one point of concern that such descriptive questions are sometimes repeated and hence the horizon of the focus get shrinked, to some extent at least and the questions are of very general and theoretical in nature which can fail to ignite the thought plugs of the candidate and hence might not live up to its fullest potential.

Regardless, the magazine is a very efficient and deep source of knowledge source and whether one is a CSE applicant or not, s/he can totally go through this magazine and understand the events of the contemporary world around them and there lies the success of the magazine.
I hope this helps.