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UPSC Civil Services: Excellent Career Opportunity for Working Professionals

Debate about Corporate Job Vs Government Job is ages old and has been inconclusive to the extent that both the schools of thought have been able to sway the swing equally on their side. To some, security of a government job is incomparable to any other virtue of a corporate job whereas to others, the higher salary offered by corporate job is more attractive.

UPSC Civil Services as a good career option for working professionals

Post 1991, when Indian economy was opened to MNCs, corporate jobs offered the calling for majority. These MNCs attracted the best human resource, offering hefty salaries and a glamourous working environment in glass & ivory towers.

In last few years, scales have been tilting back towards government jobs. A large number of young professionals after having experienced the lure of corporate jobs in MNCs, have been gravitating back towards government jobs. This phenomenon has now been accelerated by COVID Pandemic which has resulted in closing of big industrial houses, MNCs and loss of jobs for millions of people who were employed in private sector.

Among all the government jobs, UPSC Civil Services have stood out as the most sought after by working professionals who have felt lack of satisfaction or achievement in their respective spheres of work. Civil Services are much sought after as they are not only symbols of great power, social recognition and affluence, but they also: –

  • provide opportunity to participate in nation building;
  • contribute effectively in the decision making process of country;
  • make a difference in the lives of the people
  • It is a job which provides an opportunity to satisfy personal ambition as well as indulge in social welfare.

A person who wants to participate closely in the process of building society and wants to bring about positive social change should try for Indian Civil Services. There is nothing better than this.

Job Satisfaction should be the most important terms of reference for anyone working in any sector. A famous quote should sum it up –  If I couldn’t see the upside, I couldn’t be bothered, and as soon as I couldn’t see the upside in that job I started looking elsewhere.”

Besides the job satisfaction, there are various other reasons adding to the attractiveness of Civil Services in India. Some of the noteworthy are:

Job Security: This is the most persuasive reason for many to quit highly paying private jobs and shift to government jobs. It is a frightening experience to start your day with a thought that you might be getting a pink slip today because you are no more wanted by an organisation or may be because the company has to cut costs or simply because your boss doesn’t like your face. On the other hand, government jobs are 100 % secure where your continuance in your job is not influenced by external factors at all.

Quality of life: Today’s generation is wiser to understand that earning tons of money offered by corporate jobs cannot be the aim of life. What use is this money if one is unable to give time to self and family! The MNCs which pay well also take their pound of flesh in terms of family-time and health. It is not a hidden fact that many young professionals have been falling prey to life- style diseases. Unlike this, government jobs offer a balanced life.

Many are cracking the IAS exam with full time job

Anyone following results of Civil Services exam would have noticed that the working professionals have been cracking the IAS exam relatively well. The reasons for their better results are: –

  • Their proven acumen and basic instinct to put in hard work.
  • Better clarity on how to prepare for a competitive exam as most of them have already gone through the grind of one or the other competitive exam.
  • Their methodical way of studying results in better utilisation of time and effective use of resources.
  • Limited time and resources: Since they are working and their focus is restricted to preparing from a single source unlike many aspirants who tend to refer to multiple resources and end nowhere.
  • Their job security and not having to worry about earning their livelihood makes them more confident to face the challenge of UPSC.
  • Self-confidence of a working professional is better than the other competitors. Obviously this is by virtue of having work experience and exposure to professional world.
  • Working professionals have the luxury of preparing for exam over a longer time span, at their own pace, since there is no financial pressure on them to sustain themselves.

In the next part of this blog, we will share success stories of working professionals.


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