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Monthly critical analysis of current and contemporary issues.


For example, every current topic covers the central issue, background or context, problems, solutions, implications and the way forward.


UPSC level questions based on current issues and editorials picked from diverse sources

What is unique about FOCUS


Nothing exists in vacuum. Every issue also has a background without which we cannot understand it. Apart, all its dimensions are interconnected, so without understanding all the related information we cannot understand the news in its entirety. Focus covers all the news issues in depth, with proper backgrounds along with all the related dimensions. Its in-depth analysis makes it a one-stop solution for the Civil Services Exam covering every part of the syllabus.



Analysis is always simple. Focus simplifies all the issues hence it is always analytical.

It is to-the-point, examination oriented, crisp and lucid

Reading focus in a diligent manner ensures you have all the tools (analysis, facts and knowledge) to crack this Exam.

There are keywords, graphs, maps and mind maps which speak for topics themselves.


  • Sir,

    Following is my feedback of the new Focus:

    The presentation of articles is quite interactive and keeps the reader engaged. The boxes make it easy to understand and bring out different aspects of a topic clearly.

    Also it is based on the C-Cube concept so it is comprehensive and one gets complete idea from static to current at one place.

    However I am little confused with the naming as September focus contains news of August. If that is the case then the duration of content ( from when to when) should be specified at the top itself. It will help in revision as one can reach out to the month of “focus” based on date of event. ( for eg.Triple talaq judgement came in August but covered in september)







    Amol Srivastava
  • F= for upsc
    C=complete magazine






    Yashender Malhotra
  • Dear Sir,

    This mail is about the monthly current affairs magazine of Rau’s IAS Study Circle FOCUS.

    FOCUS is, in my humble opinion, one of the top two current affairs magazine issued by the study circles in the course of preparing for UPSC CSE examination. The detailed analysis of the current events around the country and the world and its consequences over the policy formulations of the country are top notch. Lucid and crisp language and added infographics and mind-maps to remember the course of events and minute details are very helpful in retaining and revising the issue concerned.

    The differentiated portions catering to each and every angle of CSE syllabus, including GS Paper IV viz. Ethics and aptitude are commendable and the questions both MCQ and subjective at the back of the magazine are very helpful in practicing such.

    But I do have one point of concern that such descriptive questions are sometimes repeated and hence the horizon of the focus get shrinked, to some extent at least and the questions are of very general and theoretical in nature which can fail to ignite the thought plugs of the candidate and hence might not live up to its fullest potential.

    Regardless, the magazine is a very efficient and deep source of knowledge source and whether one is a CSE applicant or not, s/he can totally go through this magazine and understand the events of the contemporary world around them and there lies the success of the magazine.
    I hope this helps.







    Subhrajit Choudhury
  • Focus is a very very times infinity awesome magazine. In fact it is current affairs Bible. You guys had make it so comprehensive that it covers every aspect of CA . Love it sir thank you so much.






    Rohit Garg 
  • Good evening sir… the new focus is really very good.. specially the ethics section and the conversion of important articles and editorials in question answer format..  focus is now really a reliable magazine.. the efforts u have given really shows… thanku sir..






    Shubham Singh 
  • My name is Nadeem. I don’t have any words for focus because its covers  all the dimensions  either  polity, governance, history, world news etc.
    Now a days i am reading Focus more seriously.






    Nadeem Khan
  • We are immensely grateful to you and your team for ‘Focus’ that makes UPSC preparation easier, exciting and motivating for us.

    We are yet to receive the issue for the month of October.

    Following are my views on the September issue : 

    • Comprehensive
    • Easy to understand language
    • Point wise format in the tabular form seems better for comprehending and quick revision
    • Maps and diagrams makes remembering easier
    • Citing the reference from where the contents have been picked up from beneath the articles would make connecting/linking issues simpler. Especially when the issue at hand seems new (skipped/ not covered in ‘The Hindu’)
    • A section on previous years’ questions that seem relevant along with the modal answers would be helpful in picking up the knack of answer writing for Mains.

    Over the months, Focus has really helped us in sieving out the important from the trivial newspaper reports. It has certainly given me more confidence.

    Thank you, Sir.
    (We are thoroughly enjoying your classes. Looking forward to learning a lot more in the 07:30 lectures ahead)






    Arzoo Cheema
  • The concept of new focus is very helpful for me … especially,

    1. The way of drafting the issues, connecting it with past current and future aspects of the topic ..
    2. Inclusion of essay topics ,
    3. Inclusion of Ethics related moral issues ,
    4. The additional information provided for any current issue is helping a lot in understanding the issue ,
    5. The way issues are explained.. history-current scenario – impact – advantages-disadvantages- analysis everything together helps in better understanding,
    6. Practice questions whether it’s MCQs or Descriptive questions .. they are very helpful in self assessment ,
    7. Maps and figures are helping in retaining the issue for long . Visualisation helps in keeping the things in mind for long time
    8. Analysis of relevant articles from various newspapers for our studies are well explained for understanding purpose.






    Kavita Mehta

About the Creators of Focus

Focus is brought to you by subject specialists from diverse fields of education. They come from prominent institutions and universities – like IIT, TISS, DU, JNU; and possess Masters and PhDs in Social work, International Relations, Public Policy. Some have past work experience in government departments, NGOs, social sector etc.


UPSC Targeted!

Focuses and segregates both Factual and Analytical Aspects.

Bridges the gap between basic knowledge of the subjects and its application

It provides a conceptual understanding of all events preventing the need for direction less rotting and straining of the memory.


Systematic Categorization

Systematic categorization of issues – syllabus wise – makes it easier for students to understand the nature of news and its relevancy in UPSC syllabus.

Develop a Balanced Approach

Focus helps its readers develop an impartial orientation towards facts and events with an immaculate approach.

Short Span of Time

Key words mentioned and mind map approach followed to design topics allow readers to revise issues in short span of time.

Well Researched

It provides diverse perspectives on a topic customized for Civil Services. All issues are In-depth, thoroughly researched and analysed using C3 approach.

Exhaustive Coverage

Exhaustive coverage of Authentic sources:

Newspapers like The Hindu,
The Indian Express, Live Mint.

Magazines like Yojana, Kurukshthetra,
Science Reporter and EPW


Content is prepared by subject matter specialists.

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