Book’s List


General Studies - Paper I (Main Examination)

General Studies - Paper II (Main Examination)

Governance, Constitution & Polity
  • D.D. Basu: Indian Constitution.
  • P.M. Bakshi: Indian Constitution
  • S.C. Kashyap: Citizens and the Constitution (Publications Division)
  • B.S. Baviskar & Ash Narain Roy Local Governance – A Global Perspective (Publications Division)
  • S.C. Kashyap: Our Parliament (NBT)
  • S.C. Kashyap: Our Constitution (NBT)
  • S.C. Kashyap: Our Political System (NBT)
  • M.R. Singh: Indian Federalism (NBT)
  • Kuldeep Mathur: From Government to Governance (NBT)
International Relations
  • Rajiv Sikri: Challenge and Strategy- Understanding India’s foreign policy
  • C. Rajamohan: Crossing the Rubicon
  • NCERT : Contemporary World Politics (12th Standard)

General Studies - Paper III (Main Examination)

Governance, Constitution & Polity
Science & Technology
  • India Yearbook: brought out by Publications Division : Chapter on Science and Technology
  • Annual Reports of the department of Space, Atomic Energy, Ministry of Environment etc
Indian Economy
  • NCERT: India’s Economic Development
  • Mishra and Puri: Indian Economy
  • Relevant Economic Survey
  • 12th Five Year Plan Document
  • Bimal Jalan: India’s Economic Policy
  • Bimal Jalan: Emerging India- Economics, Politics and Reforms.
  • Any one Economic Newspaper like The Economic Times, Business Standard, Financial Express.
  • Yojana which comes every month in Hindi, English, Assamese, Bangali, Gujarathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu
  • Kurukshetra in Hindi/English
Environment and Bio-diversity
  • NCERT: India’s Physical Environment
  • Together, Towards a Safer India: CBSE Publication
  • Encyclopedia of Disaster Management: S.L. Goel (Deep and Deep Publications)
  • Annual Reports of Ministry of Home Affairs, Defence and External Affairs

General Studies - Paper IV (Main Examination)

Ethics and Integrity
  1. Mohit Bhattacharya- New Horizons of Public Administration
  2. Nicholas Henry- Public Administration and Public Affairs
  3. S.R. Maheshwari and Awasthi -Public Administration
  4. Ramesh K Arora – Ethical Governance in Business and Government
  5. Ramesh K Arora – Ethics in Governance
  6. Ramesh K Arora & Tanjul Saxena – Ethics and Accountability in Government and Business