We are always thinking about the impact great education can make in the lives of our students and what it can do for the future of our nation.

Our Story

Since 1953

Founded by Dr Rau

Started by Dr. S Rau in 1953 when a group of students approached him to study Political Science.

Dr Rau managed to organize a small room at hotel Palace Heights & Hailey Road in Connaught Place, New Delhi.

Dr. Rau

Dr. RauFounder

Study Circle

He seated his students in a big circular formation occupying one of the seats with them and started coaching them for the Indian Administrative Service Exam (which has now come to be known as Civil Services Exam).

70 years of Experience

7 Decades of Quality Education

Throughout a journey lasting over 7 decades, the Study Circle has been at the cutting edge of quality education.

Today it is a diverse community of scholars and academics who teach and provide a welcoming atmosphere for learning and development.

Mr VP Gupta


We are proud of our guiding principles, which lead students to understand the basics and encourage them to question the facts/theories rather than just accepting them.

Mr Abhishek Gupta

Mr Abhishek GuptaCEO

The Study Circle affords a personal touch to all its students with small class sizes and quick doubt solving.

Our effort is not only to provide them with a road-map to effective learning, but also to reassure them of our motivating and dedicated company during their journey on the road to success.

Who we are

We are a bunch of keen learners and passionate teachers — full of personality minus the ego. Our team works very hard to empower UPSC aspirants achieve their aim in the shortest possible time.


towards student success


To a student, our dedication means that their teachers will be always be willing to help and give time

Team Workers

We teach as a team so that the student gets holistic understanding.

In Pursuit of Excellence

We maintain a high bar for ourselves and the people we work with. We believe in leading by example.

What we believe

Preparing for Civil Services Exam is one of the most enriching journeys that anyone can embark on. A person who has dived into this will never be the same again. The learning process and knowledge gained is bound to transform the person to become a thinker, an analyst, in fact a scholar who has insight into all the aspects of life. This journey is so unique that at the end of it, knowledge gained not only influences the intellectual capacity of an aspirant positively but also makes the aspirant stand apart from the crowd.

Our Goals

Lay strong Foundation

Opening students’ minds to the wide gamut of knowledge that exists around them

Build a brighter future

Transforming student into a new informed-analytical person

Your Success

achieving a very high success rate in Civil services selection

The sheer competition in UPSC IAS exam will teach you lessons for life. The amount of new knowledge you’ll acquire will inspire you to learn more. Your failures and success will teach you humility and lend you immense courage to take on any challenges life may throw at you. You’ll respect hard work, develop discipline, focus, patience and perseverance. You’ll develop a high degree of self-awareness.

What sets us apart?

70 years of legacy

Produced 1/3 of all bureaucrats across cadres since 1953.

100+ years of cumulative UPSC teaching experience

High quality UPSC centric teaching by India’s most trusted institution.

Small Batch Size

Offline Batch size of 100 students for personal attention.

Interactive Online Classes

Truly interactive online classes. Students interact with peers as well as faculty as comfortably as they do in offline classes.

Complete Coverage

100% coverage of syllabus in time bound manner

Systematic Schedule

Syllabus is completed maintaining subject & teaching continuity. No zig-zag or haphazard schedule.

Regular Test & Assignments

Regular Class assignments & Weekly Class tests (on Saturdays) for continuous revision and practice.

Accessible Faculty

Faculty availability after classes: All our faculty members are available even after classes for discussion & doubt solving.

State of the art Infrastructure

High-tech offline classrooms

Best LMS

Best in class Student Portal (LMS) System

Goal Oriented

Goal oriented pedagogy prepares you to crack UPSC in your first attempt.


Video Back up of all classes.

Compass Study Material

IAS Compass Study Material (composed and updated by Rau's R&I team):

  • Foundation books
  • Focus, monthly current affairs magazine
  • Annual Prelims & Mains Current Affairs compilations

Quality Improvement Program

Quality Improvement Program (QIP) for application of knowledge:

  • Test Series, Test Strategy, Test Discussion and performance review.
  • Current Affairs Classes
  • Revision classes for prelims & mains
  • Mentoring


Online (digital) library of all our learning content.

1-to-1 Mentoring

1-to-1 Mentoring even after completion of Foundation Classes. We ensure 100% of your queries are resolved.

What our students are saying?

Shubhankar P. Pathak

AIR 11, CSE 2021

I dedicate my success to Rau’s IAS Study Circle. It is the learning ecosystem of Rau’s IAS that has given me an advantage over my competition helped me crack the exam in my first attempt. Also, since I was working alongside my preparation, I always had limited time at disposal, and that has helped me crack the exam because I could not refer to anything other than Rau’s IAS resources.

Karishma Nair

AIR 14, CSE 2020

I joined Rau’s for discipline & guidance. There were teacher who were very helpful as well. More than getting content I always felt motivated and got guidance from teachers. Best thing I found in Rau’s IAS easy to reach out teacher after class for doubts. I am very thankful to Rau’s providing Classes, Test series, DNS (Daily News Simplified) & hand holding guidance.

Priyadarshni Bhattacharya

AIR 66, CSE 2017

When I came here I was full of questions and apprehensions just as you all might have before starting your preparation for UPSC. But when I joined I understood the syllabus, the basics and the direction for preparation. This institute has given me a lot, moreover it can give you a lot if you have the right attitude and appetite for knowledge."

Pujya Priyadarshni

AIR 11, CSE 2018

My mother was a student of Rau’s IAS to prepare for the Civil Services Exam in her days. It is she who recommended me to join the Study Circle. I want to thank my Alma Mater for all the guidance, direction and support. To all the students at Rau’s IAS, you’ll be given a lot of reading material and handholding wherever required, Use it! You are in an institute that knows how to teach for IAS exam well, so utilise that! Use all the resources given by Rau’s like their foundation blue books, focus magazine, DNS, revision materials like compass books and QIP classes etc and make most of the time spent at the institute. I did it and here I am.

A word from all of us
Do you have the GRIT?

If you have the grit - the tenacity, perseverance, resilience and willingness to study for UPSC Civil Services Exam, we have the availability of the best teaching resources and most of all enthusiasm and passion to make it happen for you! If you are ready to give it your all, you will find us always by your side to help you attain your goal.

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