Why Civil Services?

Jobs through the Civil Services Exam are considered the best because they provide an opportunity to participate in nation building and make a difference in the lives of the people of India. The Civil Services offer:

A meaningful life

Prestige and Respect

Work-Life balance

Job security

A Fulfilling career

Why Civil Services?

Jobs through the Civil Services Exam are considered the best because they provide an opportunity to participate in nation building and make a difference in the lives of the people of India. The Civil Services offer:

A meaningful life

Prestige and respect

Work-Life balance

Job security

A Fulfilling career

The Positive Transformation effect of UPSC IAS exam preparation

The UPSC preparation instils in you the qualities that make highly successful people. Students who prepare seriously for the Civil Services Exam, irrespective of success or failure in the exam, will emerge successful in life.


UPSC will open you up to the wide gamut of knowledge that exists around you, which you may not have noticed earlier. Just one year of sincere CSE preparation will make a new informed you.

Analytical Skills

Your perceptions about things, people and events around you will be guided by an informed mind. Your problem solving and decision making abilities will be guided by an analytical mind.

Life Lessons

The sheer competition in UPSC IAS exam will teach you lessons for life. The amount of new knowledge you’ll acquire will inspire you to learn more. Your failures and success will teach you humility and lend you immense courage to take on any challenges life may throw at you. You’ll respect hard work, develop discipline, focus, patience and perseverance. You’ll develop a high degree of self-awareness.

Added advantage is that preparation for civil services exam enables you to secure yourself a Sarkari Naukri.   You can write and crack any Government exams  

Classroom Success Stories

What sets us apart?

70 years of legacy

Produced 1/3 of all bureaucrats across cadres since 1953.

100+ years of cumulative UPSC teaching experience

High quality UPSC centric teaching by India’s most trusted institution.

Small Batch Size

Offline Batch size of 100 students for personal attention.

Interactive Online Classes

Truly interactive online classes. Students interact with peers as well as faculty as comfortably as they do in offline classes.

Complete Coverage

100% coverage of syllabus in time bound manner

Systematic Schedule

Syllabus is completed maintaining subject & teaching continuity. No zig-zag or haphazard schedule.

Regular Test & Assignments

Regular Class assignments & Weekly Class tests (on Saturdays) for continuous revision and practice.

Accessible Faculty

Faculty availability after classes: All our faculty members are available even after classes for discussion & doubt solving.

State of the art Infrastructure

High-tech offline classrooms

Best LMS

Best in class Student Portal (LMS) System

Goal Oriented

Goal oriented pedagogy prepares you to crack UPSC in your first attempt.


Video Back up of all classes.

Compass Study Material

IAS Compass Study Material (composed and updated by Rau's R&I team):

  • Foundation books
  • Focus, monthly current affairs magazine
  • Annual Prelims & Mains Current Affairs compilations

Quality Improvement Program

Quality Improvement Program (QIP) for application of knowledge:

  • Test Series, Test Strategy, Test Discussion and performance review.
  • Current Affairs Classes
  • Revision classes for prelims & mains
  • Mentoring


Online (digital) library of all our learning content.

1-to-1 Mentoring

1-to-1 Mentoring even after completion of Foundation Classes. We ensure 100% of your queries are resolved.


We feel that the overabundance of information available on internet can confuse fresh UPSC aspirants about how to approach preparations for CSE. Because of lack of holistic strategy, majority of the young aspirants end up losing crucial years of their life in only understanding the true nature of this exam.

Now, if you are in college and IAS is your calling, here is what you should do right now:

1. Follow the road-map to CSE.

2. To prepare in the right direction, understand the exam first: Look at the pattern of the exam, syllabus and PYQs (just 2-3 years max)

3. Know how to begin preparation

a. Focus on core themes only: Read standard reference books (NCERTs) on the 4 main subjects.

b. Just start following the NEWS! Pick up any newspaper (The Hindu or Indian Express). Don't worry if you do not understand everything at first. Just start. Learn how to read newspapers.

4. Watch toppers interviews on IAS preparation: This will help you get acquainted with the exam, lend you a fair idea about how to approach the exam, but more importantly will give you the right inspiration.

5. Get in touch with a mentor/Rau's IAS: Rau's IAS offers weekend batches (2+ years in duration) in General Studies Integrated course. The Weekend batches are specifically run keeping in view the learning requirements of college going students. The course is available both in Hybrid/Online and On-Campus modes of teaching.
* College students prefer to study in weekend batches to manage both college as well as IAS preparation. Online classes lend college students flexibility to attend all IAS classes and complete all coursework comfortably.

When to start preparing for IAS exam?

For those who have civil services as their goal, college is the best place to start IAS exam preparation. The 3-4 years of college will make your preparation efficient in terms of pace and duration of the study. Also,

You are already in study-mode and full of energy. There are not so many other commitments in life at this stage. At a later stage there is a lot more inertia to deal with to get back into a studying frame of mind.

You save time: You can easily prepare for CSE, at a steady pace over 3 years alongside college, and give your first attempt in your final year (provided you also complete 21 years of age). You save the crucial years of your youth compared to others who start preparing later. Early entry into the services also ensures more years in service and related promotions.

Remember Early Bird Catches The Worm! Start Your Preparation Now!!