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Arzoo Cheema

We are immensely grateful to you and your team for ‘Focus’ that makes UPSC preparation easier, exciting and motivating for us.

We are yet to receive the issue for the month of October.

Following are my views on the September issue : 

  • Comprehensive
  • Easy to understand language
  • Point wise format in the tabular form seems better for comprehending and quick revision
  • Maps and diagrams makes remembering easier
  • Citing the reference from where the contents have been picked up from beneath the articles would make connecting/linking issues simpler. Especially when the issue at hand seems new (skipped/ not covered in ‘The Hindu’)
  • A section on previous years’ questions that seem relevant along with the modal answers would be helpful in picking up the knack of answer writing for Mains.

Over the months, Focus has really helped us in sieving out the important from the trivial newspaper reports. It has certainly given me more confidence.

Thank you, Sir.
(We are thoroughly enjoying your classes. Looking forward to learning a lot more in the 07:30 lectures ahead)