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Meet the best brains in the UPSC Civil Services coaching. These are the people that make the magic

Academic Team Leadership Optional Faculty at Delhi Optional Faculty at Bengaluru GS Faculty QIP Team CSAT Student Management & IT Support

Mr. VP Gupta


Abhishek Gupta


DP Singh


Dr JC Sharma

Optional – Economics

Soubhik Sen

Optional – Psychology
GS – Ethics

Dr. Surendra Singh

Optional – Sociology
GS – Society & Social Justice

Vikram Kaushal

Optional – Sociology
GS – Society, Social Justice & Ethics

Rahul Puri

Optional – PSIR
GS – IR & Security

Dr. VK Kaushik

Optional – Public Ad
GS – Polity

Anubhav Sharma

Optional – Public Ad
GS – Polity


Optional - History
GS – History

Mathimaran Raju

Optional - History
GS – History

Gajanan Dwivedi

GS – History

Parampreet Singh

Optional – History
GS - History

Indrajeet Bariar

Optional – Geography
GS – Geography

Vineet Thaploo

Optional – Geography
GS – Geography

Mayank Sharma

GS – Geography

Swaminathan Kandaiyan


Babu Gunasekar

GS - Polity

Jagan Manne

GS – S&T


GS - Economy

Akshay Vrat

GS – S&T

Dr. Sanjay Pandey

GS – Bio & Biotech

Nagendra Pratap

Director QIP

Sanjeev Pandey

QIP Manager - Prelims Test Series

Naweed Akhter

QIP – Polity

Jaikrit Vatsal

QIP Manager – Focus & Compass

Basava Uppin

QIP – Economy

Mangal Singh

QIP – IR & Security

Vaibhav Mishra

QIP – Env, Eco. Bio

Faizan Khan

QIP – Ethics, S&T

Jatin Bhardwaj

QIP – History

Raja Raj Kumar

QIP Manager - Mains Test Series
QIP – Society & Social Justice

Gaurav Tripathi

QIP – Geography

Abhishek Pratap

Manager - Mains Test Series & Evaluation

Vidushi Tyagi

Manager - Mains Test Series & Evaluation

Shashank Shekhar

QIP – Essay, Mains Test Series & Evaluation

Pooja Bhatt

Mains Test Series & Evaluation

Raj Kumar

QIP - Mains Test Series & Evaluation

Col. Yogesh Grotra

Director Interview Guidance

Ashutosh Pande

Manager Interview Guidance

Himanshu Wadhva

Manager Bengaluru Campus

Praveen Bhati

Manager Bengaluru Campus

Ashwini Kumar

(IDES), Counsellor

Meenakshi Agarwal


Rahul Pokhriyall

Manager LMS

Ajay Nayak

Manager IT

Vinu George

Manager Admin

Vikash Kumar


Rohit Rajput

Manager DTP & Graphics Designer

Alam Khurshid


Abhishek Tomar

Rishi Singh

We are a bunch of keen learners and passionate teachers — full of personality minus the ego.
Our team works very hard to empower IAS aspirants achieve their aim in the shortest possible time.

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