All India Open Mock Test Series - Prelims 2024

The importance of practice cannot be over emphasized. If your goal is to make real progress, simply gaining knowledge would not help, you must practice. Just knowing is not enough; you must apply.

Prelims Mock Tests are a MUST for UPSC Prelims Preparation.

  • UPSC All India Test will assist you in assessing real UPSC competition before the actual exam.
  • Mock tests will help you become familiar with the actual UPSC exam pattern.
  • UPSC Mock tests will help you understand your preparation level:
    • Are you up to date with current affairs?
    • How strong are your static themes?
  • Most importantly, UPSC Mock Tests will give you a platform to not only test your knowledge but also develop exam skills.
    • Do you have a test taking strategy which is working for you or do you need to devise one?
    • Are you solving the optimum number of questions and effectively using elimination techniques to get an optimum score?
  • Detailed analysis and test report will help you identify your weak and strong areas.
  • Live-online Test Analysis will help you fine-tune your approach for the UPSC CSE Prelims exam.
Pre Pareekshan Mock Test

Rau’s IAS conducts All India Pre Pareekshan Tests – a series of UPSC Prelims Mock Tests for GS Paper I, conducted nationwide 3 times a year.


# Pre-Pareekshan Tests Start Date & time Expiry Date & time Result, Test Discussion Date & time
1. Mock 1 (FLT) - GS 17th Feb 2024 @ 9 AM 18th Feb 2024 @ 9 PM 19th Feb 2024 @ 3 PM
2. Mock 2 (FLT) - GS 30th Mar 2024 @ 9 AM 31st Mar 2024 @ 9 PM 1st Apr 2024 @ 3 PM - No discussion
3. Mock 3 (FLT) - GS 18th May 2024 @9 AM 19th May 2024 @ 9 PM 20th May 2024 @ 3 PM - No discussion

Why should you take Rau’s IAS Pre Pareekshan All India Tests?

Pre Pareekshan is the litmus test that will help you to identify the direction of your preparation. The core value of the Pre Pareekshan tests is to give you UPSC simulation and identify the balance for your preparation for current affairs and static subjects.

Pre Pareekshan tests will give you an opportunity to see your comparative performance at the All India Level. If you are performing well in the test, it indicates that you will clear the prelims exam with ease.

The test will also help you find the strategy for the coming months before the IAS Prelims so that you can make necessary adjustments in your preparation and do better in the coming UPSC prelims 2024 exam.


The All India Pre Pareekshan, part of Rau’s Prelims Test Series is a really good initiative of Rau’s IAS Study Circle. The questions asked were very much similar to the actual UPSC Prelims question paper. Both the test series & current affairs magazines really helped me a lot in the Prelims 2021

Mr Divyanshu Chaudhary, AIR 30, CSE 2020


The Pre Pareekshan 2023 tests were attempted by more than 20,000 UPSC aspirants. Out of them, more than 2,500 students cleared the Prelims 2023 and many of them prepared for the Mains 2023 with us in our dedicated Rankers Batches in QIP Course.


All India Rank
All India Ranks
Performance Analysis
Performance Analysis
Comparative test analytics with Top and average performance on the test regarding score, attempts, and accuracy.
Detailed Solutions
Detailed Solutions for all questions PDF
Test Discussion
Test Discussion (Live-Online)
Comprehensive coverage
Comprehensive coverage of UPSC Prelims Syllabus
English medium
English medium only

How can I take Pre Pareekshan test?

Test will be conducted in both ONLINE and OFFLINE modes.


  • Test will be conducted on Rau’s IAS learning portal –
  • Sign-up for a free account on the portal using your email id, mobile and OTP.
  • If you already have a free account, simply sign in and attempt the test in the scheduled time frame.
  • But, if you do not have a free account, SIGN-UP for a free account now.


  • Registration is mandatory for everyone (including Rau’s students).
  • Last Date of Registration is 11th May 2024.
  • Sign-up on for a free student account using your email id, mobile and OTP.
  • You’ll see Pre-Pareekshan Registration form on top of your dashboard. Fill up the Registration form and select your preferred date, test centre and time of taking test.
  • After successful registration, please download your ADMIT CARD.

Offline Centres

Delhi ORN Campus

Bengaluru Koramangala Campus


What is GS Prelims & Mains INTEGRATED QIP ?

  • GS Pre & Mains INTEGRATED QIP is an knowledge and skills enhancement program.
  • It is a Targeted course and not a Foundation course. Its aim is to help serious IAS aspirants crack UPSC IAS Exam through Personal mentorship and guidance. It offers:
    • Current Affairs Classes for continuous learning (with Special classes on Ethics Case Studies and Essay based on current affairs/contemporary issues).
    • Integrated Prelims and Mains Test Series for synchronized testing
    • Strategy classes to discuss PYQs
    • Test Discussion classes to discuss select questions from test series
    • Revision & Practice classes before Prelims and Mains respectively
  • Please note that GSI QIP is designed for such students who have completed their Foundation studies and seeking help to improve their performance at the exam. GSI QIP helps students (who have prepared their basics) crack Prelims, improve their marks in Mains and get a TOP Rank in IAS Exam.
  • For program details, click here

What will be the syllabus of All India Pre-Pareekshan test?

General Studies - Paper I

What kind of difficulty level should I expect in Pre-Pareekshan test?

Pre-Pareekshan is All India Mock Test for Prelims exam. It provides actual simulation of the UPSC Prelims exam regarding pattern of questions as well as difficulty level.

How can I attempt Pre Pareekshan tests?

  • Online test can be attempted from No registration is required. Just sign up on the platform and attempt the test. Test will be pinned on your feedwall.
  • Offline test can be attempted from Rau’s IAS campuses at Delhi Old Rajinder Nagar and Bengaluru. For offline test, you must REGISTER.

Instructions for taking Offline test

  • Test can be taken on XXXX(DateTBA) Feb, 2024 between 9 am to 9 pm.
  • Test centres have limited seats and you will be accommodated Only according to allotted time slots.
  • Registration is mandatory for taking test offline.
  • Rau’s IAS students must remember their Student IDs for attempting the test.
  • All other test takers must carry their ID cards and temporary ‘test taker IDs’
  • We’ll share your temporary ‘test taker ID’ one day before the pre pareekshan test.

How can I attend the Live Online discussion?

  • Class link will be pinned on the top of your feedwall on
  • We’ll also share link for Live-Online class in SMS with all test takers.

Why UPSC Mock tests are important ?

Rau’s UPSC Mock Tests can help you to assess the level of your knowledge and the areas you need to focus on. It can help you to identify the areas which you are strong in and the ones that need more attention.

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